Cell therapy uses living cells for the treatment of disease.

Advances in cell biology, molecular biology and tissue engineering have shown that viable, living cells can be successfully used as therapeutic agents for the treatment of disease. Regeneration or healing occurs as a result of the innate ability of implanted live cells to perform their natural pre-programmed role to achieve regeneration or healing in situ.

These advances led to a first generation of cell therapies which have overcome unique technology and regulatory hurdles to enter the market. In more recent years, cell-based products have been developed for specific indications with cost, ease of use and manufacture taken into consideration, resulting in a second generation of commercial cell therapies.

Cell therapy back on the up curve pdf

Click on the link above to read an interview with Dr Paul Kemp, Intercytex's Chief Executive and Chief Scientific Officer, in which he talks about cell therapy and its commercial progress.
(Regenerative Medicine www.futuremedicine.com)

History of Regenerative Medicine: looking backwards to move forwards pdf

The link above in which Paul Kemp reviews the history of cell therapy, the key products being developed in this area of medicine and future prospects.
(Regenerative Medicine www.futuremedicine.com

Cellular Rejuvenation

Advances in Aesthetic Cellular Rejuvenation Issue 1

Advances in Aesthetic Cellular Rejuvenation Issue 2

Advances in Aesthetic Cellular Rejuvenation Issue 3

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